In the spirit of Acts 6:3:
Our Deacons minister to the Church and serve Jesus by caring for and meeting needs of persons, leading the Church to engage in the fellowship of worship, witnessing, and education, and by supporting and encouraging other church members in their areas of ministry within the church.

Deacons' Ministry

ISBC Deacons for 2009 - 2010

Deacon Chairman: Richard Eaton - (07)
Leonard Davis - (09)
Recording Secretary:
Jim Carson - (09)

Deacon-On-Call Assignment Schedule 
Numbers in (   ) denote year elected

Deacons support and help our church staff and seek to find and recommend ways to improve the ministry of the Church to the surrounding community, the region, the state, and beyond.

Deacons meet the Second Monday of each month. 

Jim Belcher - (07)
Mike Capell - (09)
Jim Carson - (09)
Leonard Davis
- (09)
Matt Davison - (09)
Keith Cox - (07)
Lynn Dugger - (08)
Richard Eaton - (07)

Johnny Hood - (08)
Carl Hylton - (07)
Keith Johnston - (08)
Dale O'Dell - (09)
R McReynolds - (07)
Bill Prewitt - (08)
Mike Royston - (08)

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At Indian Springs Baptist Church, our ministry emphasis defines the traditional role of Deacons and recognizes the practical reality of the role of the Sunday School Class in ministering to church members.

In a very real sense, our Adult Sunday School Classes minister to class members with practical, emotional and spiritual support in times of need, grief and other significant life events.  Most of the time, members who have needs do not think to let their Deacon know what is happening. Consequently, the Deacon discovers the need after it is too late to help. 

Traditionally, each Deacon was assigned about 20 families and conversely each family has one Deacon assigned to them.  In our present emphasis, each family would have all Deacons assigned to provide ministry, as it is needed. 

You may ask, "Who is my Deacon?"
The answer is simply "All the active Deacons."  

Each week, two Deacons are assigned "Deacon On Call" responsibilities and will be expected to provide needed ministry during that week.  The Deacon on Call duties are given below.  Of course, families should feel free to call upon any Deacon (at any time) in our church for help as they have needs.  The Deacons On Call are identified in the worship service Bulletin each week. 



Crisis Ministry   This ministry is currently under general duties of deacons.  We will move the emphasis focus to the Deacons on Call and assign it a Priority 1.

The general duties of ISBC Deacons are identified as follows:

1.  Develop and carry out Ministry Plans for assigned areas of ministry emphasis. 

2.  Communicate member needs to appropriate ministry group in the Church.

3.  Pray regularly for assigned church members.

4.  Communicate church beliefs, doctrines, and programs to members when asked.

5.   Deacons are called upon to serve as Deacons on Call on a rotational basis.  Two deacons are designated each week. 

Deacon on Call Duties
1.   Both Deacons will participate with Ministerial Staff, when needed, to visit and encourage families in times of crisis or difficulty.
2.      The Deacon on Call will lead the Church in prayer prior to our worship-through-giving time.
3.   The Deacon on Call will assist the Pastor during the invitation time to pray with people, share Godís Plan of Salvation, fill out any needed paperwork, clear the front pew and altar area as necessary, etc. as directed by the pastor.
Both Deacons will be available for Visitation to follow up on visitors who attended the past Sunday.

Role of the Deacon

* Set an example of Godly living to the body of Christ
* Maintain a constant and consistent emphasis on the spiritual foundation and purpose of the church
* Maintain a personal ministry and engage others in the ministry efforts of the church
* Provide leadership in the spiritual development of the members of the church
* Seek to encourage spiritual fellowship within the body of Christ
* Operate as a minister of reconciliation within the church body
* Proactively address sources of sin and discord within the church with the intent towards repentance and reconciliation
* Provide leadership to ministries and facilitate coordination of ministry effort in alignment with the church's purpose

---Ensure that all ministries are being accomplished in a reasonable and unprejudiced manner
---Communicate ministry needs with ministerial staff and deacon body to facilitate cooperation
---Identify needs and take action when they are not being met through established ministries
---Understand member gifts/talents to match ministry leads and members to the right places of ministry within the body of Christ

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