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A dynamic and growing church is more successful in the work of the ministry when the various parts of the body can share vital information in a timely manner. 

Bulletins, Brochures, Web Site, Email Messages, Schedules, Policies and Procedures, etc. all contribute to sharing vital information about our church.

The church maintains a Picture Directory that is available on-line.  You will need a login name and password that will allow you to view and download the ISBC picture directory.  The link for accessing this directory is located near the bottom of the ISBC home page. 

The login name and password are available by sending an email request to info@isbc.org .

After you open the directory (which is an Adobe Acrobat file) you can save it to your computer to access anytime without having to be on line.  The directory is updated about once a month -   If you have any problem with accessing this file, please send an email with a description of the problems encounter to info@isbc.org .

Our church has  a “prayer request” email distribution that allows us to send out prayer requests and various other ministry information to all members who wish to be included.   We would be glad to add your name (email address) to this distribution list, if you wish.  Typically, there will be several prayer requests or ministry reminders that are sent each day – some days there are more than others.  You can try it and cancel later if it is something that you believe you don’t need. 

There is also a web accessible database that is available to members.  After your name has been entered into the database (may take several days for the database to be updated after you join), then you can click on to ASC LOGIN and you will be able to have access to various data after you establish a login name and password.  If you have any difficult with the ACS login, then I would recommend that you contact Linda Patterson (323-2187, ext 22) or email her at lindap@isbc.org   Linda is the gatekeeper for all the ACS data entry and can advise on any problems in this area. 



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