Evangelism literally means to "bring or share the Good News."  Knowing that Jesus is with us turns the Great Commission into the Great Co-Mission.  Our Evangelism Team believes that every Christian is on co-mission with Christ to seek and save that which was lost.


Times of Spiritual Renewal and  opportunities for growth emphasis are needed by all of us.  Not everyone can get away for a retreat at some remote location, so our Revival times bring the "retreat" home so that all can be refreshed.  These times are also great opportunities to invite friends and neighbors to hear the "good news." 



New people who are already active and committed Christians move into our area and they look for a church home.  Others may have a ministry need or see a ministry opportunity at ISBC and will join our fellowship.  As these visit us or as we learn of those new in our area, we welcome them to the community and to our church.


The Youth Ministry at ISBC draws young people from the community.  Our youth share with their friends and classmates about how their lives have been changed and the great times of fun and fellowship they have at church.  As these young people visit our own youth follow up with visits to make sure they feel welcome and a part of the youth group. 

The Great Commission is our Lord's Command to go and make disciples of all nations.  Outreach endeavors are examples of the first steps in the process of carrying out Christ's command.  To make disciples requires that we go beyond the initial touch and "immerse them" in the very character of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.   The immersion process requires that we teach them all the things that Christ taught and commanded.  Outreach then compliments the Education ministry of our church. 

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