Values of Having Policies and Procedures
Let all things be done decently and in order. (1 Corinthians 14:40)


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They are useful in translating the church's general statement of purpose into terms that can guide the decision making process.

They are useful in testing past and current practices and decisions against the church’s official statement of purpose.

They serve as an important organizational aid and management tool when they are in written form, current in content, broad but flexible, simple and easy to understand, and positive in nature.

They are needed to prevent having an attitude of being too legalistic or having a mindset that "anything goes".

They tend to produce consistent, coherent, and compatible decisions.

When properly implemented, they become an invaluable resource for identifying and delegating responsibilities, preserving a consistent level of quality performance throughout church ministries and protecting church leaders and the congregation as a whole.

They help avoid needless discussion about how tasks should be accomplished and who is responsible for completing the tasks.

They permit the responsibility for many minor decisions to be delegated.

They assist in the timely training of new personnel and eliminate time consuming meetings by staff or ministry leaders on routine matters. It is a proven fact that when individuals or groups know their job, what is expected of them and the limits of their responsibilities and authority, they will accomplish results and find rewards in the use of their spiritual gifts.

They tend to improve the quality of the planning and budgeting process.

They conserve valuable time for more important tasks and allow church leaders the flexibility needed to make routine decisions without constantly seeking opinions or direction from other persons or organizations within the church.

They improve efficiency and alleviate conflicts and misunderstandings in the decision-making process.

They offer a rationale for explaining decisions.

They tend to help keep the debate focused on the basic principle or policy behind a specific decision rather than on the details of a particular decision. This reduces the possibility of divisive controversy during a church business meeting.

They encourage long-range thinking and planning.

They provide an excellent basis to broaden the degree of participation in the decision-making process, to encourage lay involvement, and  to improve the quality of communication in "why" the church is involved in certain activities.

They assist the church in being a better steward of the Lord's resources of which He has so graciously entrusted to us.

  The Policies and Procedures for Indian Springs Baptist Church are in a continuous state of development.  If information is needed regarding a specific policy or procedure, please check with the Church Office or the Minister of Administration.    
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