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New Year's 2011


FEB 24, 2018 - Afer a number of "School Shootings" a strong push is being made to "limit" guns with more regulations. Care is needed to consider "agendas" that have been around for decades.

Disarming the People -

Communism has been and will continue to be an abject failure. Lenin saw the world operating as a conflict between the “lowest class of citizens” (proletariat) which he saw as “wage-earners” and the “middle class of citizens” (bourgeoisie) which he saw as those who owned the means of production. One of the main reasons for “the failure” is the fact that “wage-earners” became the “middle class” and are now participants in part ownership of the means of production via small businesses and stock ownership.

Lenin’s desire was for the “proletariat” to rise up and take control away from the “bourgeoisie” which could be done by arming the proletariat and disarming the bourgeoisie. The objective now of the admirers of Lenin is still to overthrow the “middle class” and to put control in the hands of the “lowest class” even though the make up of these two “classes” has dramatically changed from the time of Lenin to now. The way to arm the “lowest class” is via illegal guns which are abundantly available to the criminal elements in our society. That has been fairly successful – criminals do not have any problem finding guns. The next step in the “modern version of Communism” which many call “progressivism” is to disarm the middle class or the wage-earners, stock owners, farmers and small business owners. The means of accomplishing this “disarmament” is via legislation and eventual confiscation of guns by the government.

Every crisis involving the use of guns provides addition emphasis for those whose objective is to institute Communism at any cost. The argument that is being made by those who are being manipulated by the “progressives” is that we may “have to give up some liberties in favor of better security.” The truth is that if we restrict liberty to attain security we will lose them both.

MAY 5, 2012 - The following is adapted from an email that is being shared by many.

You know you live in an Upside-down Land if....

  • A Muslim officer crying "Allah Akbar" while shooting up an army base is considered to have committed "Workplace Violence" while an American citizen boasting a Ron Paul bumper sticker is classified as a "Domestic Terrorist".
  • You can get arrested for expired tags on your car but not for being in the country illegally.
  • Your government believes that the best way to eradicate trillions of dollars of debt is to spend trillions more of our money.
  • The Supreme Court of the United States can rule that lower courts cannot display the 10 Commandments in their courtroom, while sitting in front of a display of the 10 Commandments.
  • Children are forcibly removed from parents who appropriately discipline them while children of "underprivileged" drug addicts are left to rot in filth infested cesspools.
  • Hard work and success are rewarded with higher taxes and government intrusion, while slothful, lazy behavior is rewarded with EBT cards, WIC checks, Medicaid and subsidized housing.
  • The government's plan for getting people back to work is to provide 99 weeks of unemployment checks (to not work).
  • Being self-sufficient is considered a threat to the government.
  • Politicians think that stripping away the amendments to the constitution is really protecting the rights of the people.
  • The rights of the Government come before the rights of the individual.
  • Parents believe the State is responsible for providing for their children.
  • You can write a post like this just by reading the news headlines.
  • You pay your mortgage faithfully, denying yourself the newest big screen TV while your neighbor defaults on his mortgage (while buying iphones, TV's and new cars) and the government forgives his debt and reduces his mortgage (with your tax dollars).
  • Your government can add anything they want to your kid's water (fluoride, chlorine, etc.) but you are not allowed to give them raw milk.
  • Being stripped of the ability to defend yourself makes you "safe".
  • You have to have your parent’s signature to go on a school field trip but not to get an abortion.
  • Using the "N" word is considered "hate speech" but writing and signing songs about raping women and killing cops is considered "art".

America is on the verge of destruction.
There is no insanity greater than electing a pathological narcissist as president.


NOVEMBER 23, 2010

Several months ago, when global warming was still being discussed - obviously a time when not a lot other things were happening - someone in the "government" had come up with a recommendation that it be mandated that all roofs and roads and parking lots be white since this surface would reflect rather than absorb sunlight and this would reduce global warming. Like most things coming from the "government" this suggestion is further evidence that the "government" should not be making decisions of this nature. My observations follow:

Painting roofs or cars or highways white will keep the roofs, the car, and the road cooler since black bodies absorb radiation energy (heat) more that lighter colored objects.  The lighter colored objects therefore reflects the heat (or light waves) back into the atmosphere.   These light waves (or radiant energy) will be absorbed by air molecules and water vapor (clouds).  Therefore, the net effect on warming of the earth (globally) is likely to be inconsequential.

On the other side of the coin – at night when the earth loses energy via radiation to the night sky, the black objects will radiate more energy at a given temperature than a light colored object.  Therefore, the higher temperature of the black roof will lose more heat at night that a white roof.

The “white roof” advocates should do the calculations – they can make whatever assumption they wish – every roof in the world is white, every road in the world is white and then do the comparison for the net increase in earth temperature if all these were black.  Considering the percentage of area of the globe that is taken up by roofs and roads compared to the vast areas of ocean and farm land, forests, mountains, etc., then the effect has to be miniscule. 

AUGUST 1, 2010
Someone sent me an email recently extolling the virtues of making sure we buy items made in the USA. The obvious benefit is that by buying such items we would help keep the jobs that produce the items from going to other countries. Typically, such jobs that get outsourced are "low tech" job. This raises an important question:
Where would you get the workers to do the low tech work?  By keeping low-tech jobs here, you guarantee a lower standard of living.  Of course we could always allow more illegal aliens to come in do the work – OR – maybe we could make it a requirements for all those on welfare to work on jobs that illegal aliens (excuse me, undocumented workers) are currently doing.  We have to get rid of the “free lunch” before true reform can happen. 
JULY 1, 2010

Background Information on Kagan.  (This may explain why she was nominated.)
At a 2005 Harvard alumni awards dinner for Obama, then a U.S. senator, Kagan gushed over the man who would become president as "her hero." Recalling how she witnessed his speech to the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Kagan said, "He said a few words and the place was mesmerized. You could have heard a pin drop and that's all in part because of these rock star qualities. The eloquence, the magnetism, the great looks, the brilliance."

If this is an example of the judgment of the person who is being advocated to be the next Supreme Court justice, then I would conclude that her judgment is faulty. 
...... The performance of “her hero” has been more like that of a petulant “rock star” rather than a president.  As president, he has and is continuing to manifest “incompetence” rather than brilliance.   
......Maybe it is that all the “Haarvaard” types are overly impressed with each other and intoxicated (or is it mesmerized) by the swill that they continue to gush out to the “less fortunate” folks who didn’t go to Haarvaard.  The problem is that a lie is still a lie even when it is eloquently articulated. 
......Speaking of magnetism, it would appear that over half the country is polarized in such a way that his magnetism produces a repulsion rather than attraction. 
......The comment regarding his looks is just so indicative of the depth of quality that impresses those who judge by human standards – they look at the outward appearance rather than upon the heart. 

Christ admonished us to judge NOT lest you be judged with the same judgment you pass on others. Many judge anyone who criticizes the policies of the current administration in control of the federal government as being"racists." The implication is that ANY criticism has to be racially based. If we apply the admonition of Christ to this situation, then might we conclude that those who apparently "approve" the actions of the president are giving their blanket approval of everything that happens based on their racial bias - - -
To quote Geraldine Ferraro: Obama's Winning Because He's Not White!

It seem inevitible that every year we have a lot of "debate" and criticism of those who wish to be politically correct and "non-religious" and refuse to use the expression "Merry Christmas" and simply opt for "Happy Holidays."
Many of my Christian friends get really upset and vow to boycott businesses that try to be policially correct. Some will argue that we need to preserve the traditional celebration themes of Christmas trees, garlands, wreaths, Santa Claus, and all related items. Interestingly, the "politically correct" crowd want to eliminate all these because they are thought to be "religious" in their nature or origin.

A friend sent me an email attachment of a very beautiful Christmas card (print of a well-know painting) with all the traditional items. Although this person is known to quote Scriptures and be openly demonstrative of his religious feelings, his ideal Christmas card had absolutedly no reference or hint of the birth of Christ or the manger, Mary and Joseph, Bethlehem, etc. What folllows is my observation of this phenomenon:

The paintings of the Traditional Christmas scene and ornaments are top quality.  These are truly representative of the best of the expressions of the American Traditional Christmas. 

My concern for the situation is that we have already allowed the real meaning of Christmas to be swallowed up and lost in a sea of American Tradition.  Is there any way to get back to the true meaning since almost everyone is now trying to rescue the Tradition and it seems have given up on rescuing the basic truth. 

It seems that the Political Correctness folks have stumbled upon the real meaning of the celebration when they insist that people say Happy Holidays. That probably sounds strange to most. However, consider this: a good Biblical word for “Happy” is “Blessed” and the origin of the word “holiday” is from “Holy Day”  So, if someone wishes me a “Blessed Holy Day,” then I really can’t object even though THEY may NOT know that they said. 

You have to think that God has an excellent sense of humor (or is saddened, maybe) when all the secular humanists are going around saying Blessed Holy Day and all the church folks are trying to stop them with a greeting that is straight out of the Catholic tradition of the “Christ Mass” that has been blended with the Druid observances related to the celebration of the winter solstice along with the glorification of the evergreen tree and veneration of the holly plant and berries.  

(Additional trivial information – the first time the word “merry” appears in the KJV of the Bible is in Genesis 43:34 and its meaning there is “drunken”  - it seems that a lot of folks faithfully apply that definition to their celebration of Christmas.)


There are a several possibilities of where the leak is coming from.
*The piping to or from the dishwasher may be the problem – if it is the incoming water, then tighten a fitting may be the only thing that is needed. 
If it is the piping away from the washer, then it may involve replacing a hose.
*There is a  gasket that is accessible from inside the tub of the dishwasher.  You would have to remove the washer arm and remove the screws that are in the bottom of the tub.   Gaskets can be purchased and replaced fairly easily.
*There may be a hole or crack in the tub itself.  This will normally happen under the heater element.  If that is the case, then the hole can be repaired with an epoxy patching material such as “JB Weld” Note that this "fix" will be temporary if you continue to use the regular drying cycle. If the air is heated by a Calrod type heater that is in close proximity to the plastic tub, then the epoxy will likely fail. It is strongly suggest that you go to "Air Dry" unless you have an "in-line" heater to heat the air.

First thing would be to look inside the tub.  Lift out the lower dish rack and use a flashlight to examine the bottom of the tub for any discolored areas (that might have a crack) under the heater element. 
If you don’t find anything there, then remove the cover panel next to the floor that covers up all the piping and wiring that is under the dishwasher.  At this point I would make sure that the circuit breaker for the dishwasher is OFF.  You don’t need any shocking surprises if you reach under the washer.  Look for any active drips from piping or if the area above the motor is wet.  If the piping is the problem, then the fix is fairly easy.  If the area above / around the motor is wet, then it is likely a gasket problem.